"Suicide is not chosen; it happens when pain exceeds resources for coping with pain."

Suicide Prevention Programs  

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Links to many college support centers via 

Suicide Crisis Center 
Why Live 
  In Crisis 
  What To Do 
Suicide Hotlines 
Depression FAQ 
A Book

"When no one knows your pain"

"When no hope is in sight"
"When you feel like dying"
"Words for the suicidal person"
"... if you are in danger of suicide"
"When you feel you can't go on"
"Bearing the unbearable"
"...Can save you"
"The beginning of the end of depression"
"Frequently asked questions
"...can save your life. Read and Learn"

The life and death feelings and decisions 

Talking about Treatment ending your life"


For teenagers with depression

"The sadness, the feeling of helplessness, the belief that it was part of my personality and the conviction that something was wrong."

"Depression: Putting Science to Work at Columbia University" 

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